So it’s time for you to pick an instrument to play and you’re not sure what to pick. Here are some reasons to play the trumpet.


The trumpet is a fun instrument to play. You can make all sorts of cool noises on the trumpet, including but not limited to fart sounds, horse whinny, falls, squeaks, awesome music, loud noises to irritate family members and neighbors,  bugle calls, helicopter sounds, didgeridoo and much more.


Trumpet music frequently has the melody which is a wonderful thing. When you think of a song, wouldn’t you like to play the melody that makes you think of that song? Sure harmony is a good thing to play as well, which you can certainly do on the trumpet. You will also play counter melodies with trumpet such as in church music descants.


The versatility of the trumpet is another reason to play the trumpet. It is used in all sorts of genres of music including classical, jazz, rock, fusion, rap, hip hop, country, R&B, Blues, military, church music, etc.


The standard trumpet that beginners start on is in the key of Bb and has three valves. When comparing this to other wind instruments, 3 valves is a lot easier to deal with. The saxophone has 23 keys, the flute has 16-20 openings to play and the clarinet has 17-18 keys. The trombone has 7 slide positions and it takes a while to learn where they are exactly. With the 3 valves on the trumpet, there are 8 possible valve combinations but only 7 are used because one of them is a duplicate. Playing percussion, sure you get to beat on things, but are you really making music?  


Getting back to the melody: when you have the melody, you get to be the center of attention! As any youngest child in the family knows, they want to be the focal point when people are around. What better way to achieve this by playing the trumpet!!! The trumpeter frequently gets to take solos. What instrument do you hear the most when a marching band is coming by? The TRUMPET!


So, another cool thing about trumpet is that it is indeed a LOUD instrument. Trumpet players like to have competitions on who can play louder, higher, longer and faster. The trumpet is typically not for someone who is shy for that reason, however, it has been known to take a shy person and make them much less of an introvert.  It also will build your shoulder muscles as well as lip muscles (embouchure) and abdominal muscles from sheer force of air being forced into the horn.


Trumpet used to be very much an instrument that boys played but thankfully that has changed! Girls are taking over trumpet sections by storm.

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